There was a time when selling a company’s goods would earn you commissions—a task salespersons were experts at. Affiliate marketing works along the same lines. It’s about selling a company’s products to earn a commission. Setting up a business isn’t a child’s play. Careful investment is needed to generate revenue in a good amount. Affiliate marketing is something you can do alongside your business. Plus, a website is the only thing you need to start working.

Affiliate marketing is an expanding field of interest. The spending for affiliate marketing is expected to reach a staggering 8 billion dollars this year.

What are Microsites?

Microsites are niche websites designed to promote products. For example, if you want to sell a product, you can make a microsite for it to attract customers. You can describe the features and uses of the product on the microsite. The website Home Made Simple is a quick example of how a microsite looks.

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How Do Microsites Work for Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketing venture calls for quality exposure of your product to its targeted audience. The best possible way to market your product now (during the pandemic) is to go digital. Create a microsite for your product and talk about its features. You can also list product costs, delivery procedures, and additional FAQs on your microsite.

But why just one product? If you want to make it big with affiliate marketing, you can simultaneously sell more than one product on your microsite.

Here’s an example:

Suppose you put up a blog on your microsite about quality books to read. Each time you mention a book, you give a link to the parent site of the product. Those parent sites can be eBay, Amazon, etc. The moment someone clicks on the product link, they’re directed to the products on the parent site.

Affiliate Cookies

A microsite facilitates affiliate cookies. Websites use cookies to keep a record of their sales. The cookie is downloaded to the customer’s device whenever they purchase from the microsite. The same cookie works as the marketer identifier for the parent site.

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Affiliate marketing for businesses is a low-risk process. Microsites serve the purpose of affiliate marketing to the fullest. Many sites like Coco-Cola and P&G have microsites to promote specific products.

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