Digital marketing works around algorithms. Algorithms are a bunch of rules that suggest how data is interpreted. In digital marketing, algorithms constitute the back-end of sites like Facebook and Google. These websites use millions of algorithms to group and identify data.

Affiliate marketing involves selling a company’s products online. The company offers a certain percentage of the cumulative sales to the affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing has now become a flourishing industry for inbound sales.

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The Rise of Analytics & Business Intelligence (ABI)

The use of business intelligence tools makes it easier to assemble data created through microsites. Business intelligence tools comprise equipment that makes sorting data and tracking sales convenient for businesses. Through ABI, practices in the affiliate marketing business are bound to improvise.

A Greater Emphasis on Localization

Localization in marketing means designing campaigns that will best suit targeted international customers. From visuals to cultural themes, the entire marketing campaign should fit the audience’s taste. There seems to be an increase in localized affiliate marketing. More and more companies are opting for affiliates that can generate a localized interest in the product.

Localization helps merchants connect with their audience for present and future purchases.

Motion Pictures Over Pictures

With better connectivity options and advancements in camera technology, videos are slowly replacing pictures. Videos/video blogging can be used for multiple purposes and to amplify the customer’s exposure to the product. They tend to be more engaging than written texts and pictures. DIY videos are some of the most-watched videos on the internet. They also feature time and again in affiliate marketing campaigns.

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Prioritizing Conversion Rates Over Commission

By now, the affiliate marketing industry has learned that it’s the conversion rates—the number of products that were sold after being clicked—that drive affiliate marketing. Marketers now go for brands that have chances of higher sales.

If a brand guarantees a good commission, but its conversion rate isn’t up-to-the-mark, the marketer will hardly be able to make a good commission. Most affiliate programs now go with brands that allow them a chance to grow their follower market faster than the ones that offer higher commissions.

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