GPT or “get-paid-to” websites pay money in return for doing simple tasks like filling surveys or watching ads. Are you wondering how these GPT websites make money to remain online? Let us break this for you; they are paid by advertisers and market research companies that want consumers to watch their ads and fill their online surveys.

You may have the head of Swagbucks, one of the most well-known GPT websites. But there are several more good ones out there that you can visit to earn side income.

What Tasks Do GPT Websites Require You to Perform for Money?

At the GPT website, you have to do just small and simple tasks to get paid. Here are some of the most common tasks that you typically have to perform.

  • complete surveys
  • join partner sites
  • read daily emails
  • click on website links
  • refer others to the GPT website
  • become a social media follower of the GPT site
  • shop online for cashback
  • play games
  • watch videos
  • download and use apps
  • internet browsing

Here are some of the best GPT websites that you can earn money from.


Swagbucks is extremely popular because it is available in several countries. The site has more than 10 million members and has paid over $350 million in rewards and cash.

At Swagbucks, you will have to perform the tasks listed above to earn cash. Hence, you will have to refer others to Swagbucks, use cashback offers and complete surveys, among other tasks.

For each task, you get points known as SB. For 100 SB, you get paid $1.00. Even casual users can make a few dollars per day.

You can receive your payment via PayPal or the wide variety of available gift cards. Gift cards can be as low as $3.00, while PayPal has a $25.00 minimum payment requirement.


InboxDollars is another popular GPT site like Swagbucks. This platform has been in operation for around two decades. To date, the site has paid out over $56 million in gift cards and cash—members number in the millions.

The most common way of earning money at InboxDollars is by taking surveys. Other ways of earning money include reading emails, taking part in special offers and referring friends. You will find plenty of choices in each category of tasks. So you can find and do those tasks that suit you best. Here are some typical tasks that you may be required to perform.

  • Reading emails daily
  • signing up at another survey site
  • receiving and using free coupons
  • signing up for a meal delivery service
  • referring others to the site
  • online shopping for cashbacks
  • watching ads and other videos
  • taking surveys that each take about 5 to 20 minutes


PrizeRebel is somewhat of a newcomer when compared with Swagbucks. Launched in 2007, PrizeRebel has paid out more than $8 million in cash and gift cards to its members. The platform is growing bigger and more popular.

PrizeRebel lets you earn money by completing their offers, watching videos and doing surveys. You may have to complete the following available offers.

  • Subscribing to a free credit score site
  • installing a cashback app for free
  • Subscribing to Hulu
  • going through a 2-week free Shipt trial
  • subscribing to a free sample website
  • doing surveys for partner sites
  • printing coupons

Much like Swagbucks, you earn points for doing each task. 100 points give you $1.00. Surveys can take between 10 and 25 minutes, while points can range from 65 to 210 for each.

Offers give at least 20 points and can go up to a thousand points or more. Easy and free offers can give you up to 100 points, while offers with more points require credit card purchase and info.

PrizeRebel has plenty of surveys and tasks available. The earning potential is more or less similar compared to other GPT sites.

For payments, you can choose PayPal or gift cards. The minimum payment requires $2.00 for gift cards and $5.00 for PayPal.


As the name implies, InstaGC pays members using instant gift cards. You can choose from more than 340 different gift cards, and to date, members have received over 1.2 million gift cards.

You can do all kinds of small tasks at InstaGC. As usual, you get points for each task, and 100 points give you $1.00. You can make money through the following ways at InstaGC.

  • Online shopping
  • browsing and visiting websites
  • downloading and installing various apps
  • subscribing to paid trials
  • subscribing to free offers
  • micro task completion
  • survey completion
  • consistent activity as a member
  • referring new persons to the site
  • watching videos

There is a massive variety of tasks that you can do at InstaGC. There is almost no possibility of running out of tasks to complete.

For redeeming gift cards, you need a minimum balance of just $1.00 in your account. Getting payment is much easier at InstaGC compared to other GPT websites.


MyPoints is somewhat different when compared with other GPT websites. This portal has several cashback offers available, as well as numerous small paid tasks. The site has paid out over $230 million in cash and gift cards.

You get a fixed number of points for each task that you complete at MyPoints. You can shop online at more than 1,900 retailers to get points.

At MyPoints, 1,750 points are worth $10.00. You can earn points by doing the following at MyPoints.

  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys
  • Reading and clicking on links in emails
  • Playing paid games
  • Using cashback offers
  • You can redeem points earned using PayPal or gift cards.

Bottom Line

Mentioned above are the best GPT sites to make money with. You can go to these best GPT sites to earn instant cash, gift cards and cash backs.