WordPress blogs allow you to make money in several different ways. Bloggers, freelancers, affiliate marketers, and countless others use WordPress blogs to generate steady monthly income.

You do not have to be a technical expert to earn money online using WordPress blogs.

Here is how to make money with WordPress blogs.

Content Writing

You can become a freelancer who writes content for others. There are innumerable websites on the internet that need content writers. You just need a computer with an internet connection to compose quality content for other sites.

You can try contacting various websites to find out whether they need a content writer. You can also check platforms like ProBlogger Jobs and Upwork to find a lot of freelance work that involves blog writing and content creation.

But how can a WordPress blog help you out for this purpose? You can showcase your content portfolio to flaunt your flair for writing. An impressive blog with amazing content will definitely help to improve your prospects of writing for others since they will have proof of your content creation prowess.

Monetize Your Blog

You can set up a blog for earning money via sponsored reviews, displaying ads, and affiliate marketing. If you have a steady stream of monthly traffic to your site, you should think of using these methods of making money online to capitalize on your web traffic.

Google Adsense

For earning money via ads displayed on your WordPress blog, you can try signing up for Google Adsense. Or you can work for companies like BuySellAds.

If your blog attracts steady monthly traffic, then Google Adsense can help you to earn passive income from this traffic. You just have to add a Google script on your blog to show Google ads. Google will take care of the rest. You will not have to take further action.

You will get paid when people click on CPC ads. The amount that you get paid for each click depends on what the advertiser is offering per click.

Google Adsense makes sense, especially for beginners who are unsure how to monetize their growing WordPress blog.

If you want an alternative to Google Adsense, then you go for Media.net. Not only are payouts attractive, but there are also plenty of advertisements that you can choose from.

Sponsored Reviews

You can also write sponsored posts on your WordPress blog. Include a contact form on your site through which brands can talk to you for paid reviews. Make it clear that you will post an honest review. Also, state on these paid review pages that they are sponsored.

WordPress Courses

If you have a skill, then you can capitalize on it using your WordPress blog. You can create courses to teach these skills to others. Monetize these courses to make money with your WordPress blog.

You can create courses for just about anything you are good at – cooking, gardening, content creation, or even blog writing.

You can host your course on a paid course learning platform like Udemy, or you can host the course on your own website. You can make use of the right WordPress plugins to create and share your course.

Dropshipping and eCommerce

WordPress is a great platform for making an eCommerce portal. You can offer digital products as well as physical items for sale.

You can, for instance, install the WooCommerce plugin to make your online store. The basic plan is free and provides a vast array of features for a highly functional eCommerce store.

You can also try your luck at dropshipping. You can display products from dropshipping suppliers like AliExpress for sale on your site. The supplier will handle all inventory control and fulfillment details. You just need to take orders from customers and order the same products from the supplier, who will then deliver to the customer without any further effort on your part.

SEO Services

If you have experience in SEO and know what it takes to beat the competition and rank higher on Google, then you can offer SEO services on your website. Your WordPress blog can show your SEO knowledge, portfolio, and competency. Hence, your blog can help you establish authority, build credibility, and foster trust so that others feel confident in your SEO services.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are a popular way of making money using WordPress blogs. You can have a look at attractive affiliate programs like Creative Market, CJ Affiliate, Shareasale, and Themeforest to find an option that is right for your WordPress blog.

Via affiliate marketing, you can promote products from brands you are affiliated with to earn commissions on sales through your marketing effort.

 Here is how affiliate marketing works. You post reviews and promotional content for products offered by brands you are working for. You can place affiliate links on each post that people can click on to buy the product from your brands. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys something, you will earn a commission. The commission rate will be specified in the terms and conditions of the contract. Make sure that you read all terms and conditions carefully and understand them before signing up for any affiliate program.

WordPress Ad Plugin

Although Google Adsense is an easy way to make money online, the amount that you get may be limited. If you want to make more money via online ads, then it may be better to offer banner space on your blog in return for payment. Not only will you get to keep the full payment instead of sharing it with Google, but you can also set your own terms and conditions.

However, you will have to manage all matters on your own. You need to make your terms and conditions, send invoices and negotiate the price.

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to make money with WordPress blogs. You can try out one of the methods shown above to earn a steady income without requiring technical skill or experience.