Building a unique brand isn’t an easy task; it requires quite a lot of time and other resources. What will the brand look like? Will it attract the target audience? Whether you’re building a new business or rebranding an existing one, it will need a strong brand identity.

Here’s a guide to help you build a strong brand identity and take your business to new heights.

Research Your Target Audience and Your Competitors

The first step is to get familiar with the current market, including your potential customers and competitors. There are numerous ways of doing so, but the most practical is using a search engine. Google your services and product and observe which competitors show up. Dig deeper and check out their products, reviews, etc.

In addition, check out your target audience and what social media handles they follow to figure out what they want and how to market and sell your services or products to them. It’s crucial to have an overall idea of such things before moving forward since this will guide you to build a distinct brand identity.

Pick Your Personality

Your brand can’t offer everything and appeal to everyone. You need to focus on specific things to build your brand identity. For instance, determine your positioning statement. Your positioning statement will help narrow your brand’s focus and help create its tagline. In addition, settle on your brand’s tone and how you want to describe it—is it professional and appeals to others businesses or it quirky and appeals to a young audience? Pick your personality and brand voice before moving forward to the next step.

Choose a Brand Name

Building a brand identity involves a unique name. A brand name is significant and can say a lot about your brand. Your brand name is the first step to building your brand identity since your logo, domain, etc., will be based on it. Remember not to pick a name based on a product since it narrows your path and makes it difficult to go down a different path in the future.

Decide a Slogan

A catchy slogan is crucial to make your advertising campaigns a success across social media handles, website headers, etc. Choose an eye-catching slogan that people can remember for a long time.

Certain brands have simple slogans that capture a brand’s message and vision.

Choose How Your Brand Looks

Next up, you need to focus on your brand’s look. You need to choose how you’ll visually present your brand, from the brand color to the logo; you need to pick the suitable ones for your business. Do you want to focus on a younger audience? Play with some colors! Or, if you want to keep things professional, use neutral colors for your brand.

For instance, Apple has kept its logo basic yet so modern and stylish. Ensure your logo is in line with your services and products. In addition, ensure it follows the tone and personality of your brand and makes your services and product obvious. Your brand’s look needs to be in step with the tone, personality, colors, etc.

People need to easily tell what your brand is about when they spot your logo.

Apply Your Branding Across Your Business

Congrats, you’re almost there! It’s time to apply your branding across your business to complete your brand’s identity!

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