Email marketing is at the core of your digital marketing and one of the best tools at your disposal for converting website visitors. Getting a great response from readers is possible only if you follow email best practices in 2021.

Hence, you will want to know about the ten email marketing practices you can implement today to get the best results.

1. Focus on Welcome Emails

You must focus on the welcome email since this is the single most effective message that you can send. So make the most of it and do what you can to motivate the reader to open and read all your upcoming messages. This is the point at which readers are most excited and willing to listen. So you should try your best to explain why they should read your emails. Give them all possible incentives as to what your emails can do for them.

2. Email at the Right Frequency

In your welcome email, you should allow the user to specify how many emails they want per week or month. So if they want two messages per week, make sure that you send exactly two emails each week.

You should not skip this step. Sending more emails than this desired frequency can annoy readers and put them off. This can prove counter productive and have your email campaign backfire.

If you do not have an automation tool that delivers automatically at the desired frequency, then you should play it safe and send just one email per week. Since this is by no means excessive, readers will likely open and read your messages.

3. Memorable Sender Name

How you address yourself is as important as how you address readers. You will likely know that readers are pleased when you address them by their name. How you present yourself is also important since this can greatly influence the reader perception of you.

Perhaps the most common way is to simply use the brand name. However, you can make it more personal by introducing yourself as the owner, manager or representative of the brand, explain your role in the brand and what you can do for the reader. A memorable intro can help build rapport and a personal connection that might induce readers to frequently open your emails.

4. Don’t Use

Using noreply in your email address sends the wrong vibes and the wrong message. It implies that you are not listening and are not even interested in knowing what the reader thinks. You certainly would not want to create such a negative impression. So ditch the noreply address. Instead, welcome feedback from readers and send instant replies to user messages.

5. Subject Line Testing

The subject line is as important, if not more so, than the email content. Even if the content is great, it can still go to waste with the wrong subject line.

So you should extensively test subject lines to find out which ones provide the best response.

Make sure that you really work hard on the subject line since readers decide to read your emails if the subject line interests them.

Also, pay attention to the preheader. This is the opening sentence of your email. Part of it may appear next to the subject line. You need to focus on this area since you want to reassure readers that the rest of your email is worth reading.

6. Confirm Opt-In

You should send a confirmation email to your readers to click the link to confirm opting into your email messages. This is necessary to avoid spamming people and to stay on the right side of strict anti-spamming laws.

Don’t ignore this step, thinking that it is a hassle for readers. Confirm opt-in provides reassurance that signing up was not a mistake and that readers are willing to receive your emails. This can help you steer clear of spam which you must avoid at all costs.

7. Easy Unsubscribe

This might sound counter-intuitive. You want a bigger email list, not a smaller one. So why make it easy for people to leave? Because people who wish to unsubscribe are no longer interested. They won’t read your messages anyway, so it is best to let them go instead of wasting your time and effort on them.

If unsubscribing is not easy, people will hit spam, which can prove disastrous for your email campaign.

8. Free Giveaways to Grow Your Email List

Perhaps the best thing you can do to grow your email list is to give away free stuff in return for subscribing to your email. Promise to give them a whitepaper, industry report, an ebook or something valuable that your target audience will be interested in reading. Giving away valuable stuff for free in return for a subscription is a great way to convince people to receive your emails.

You should post this free offer on all pages of your website.

9. Use Images and Videos

Images and videos are not just highly stimulating and engaging; they are also easy to consume. So don’t just include text in your emails. Be sure to add stunning visuals as well as links to videos. People are watching more and more videos these days, so it pays to leverage videos for your email campaign.

10. Analyze Metrics

Make sure that you monitor and analyze metrics to understand your email campaign’s effectiveness and success rate. You should check up on bounce rate, click-through rate and open rate. These metrics can give you insights into what you are doing right and, most importantly, what needs to be improved. For example, if the open rate is high, but the click-through rate is low, people are opening your emails, but not enough are clicking on the link provided. This could indicate content quality issues.

Bottom Line

These were all the best email marketing practices that can do wonders for you in 2021. Follow these to converts prospects, engages readers and brings excellent results.