Facebook now has more than 160 million business pages, so it is becoming increasingly harder for your brand to get noticed. To stand out on the increasingly crowded platform, you will have to resort to top Facebook tips and tricks to boost SEO.

Likewise, the Instagram platform sees rising competition as businesses shift in large numbers to attract global audiences. Plus, the Instagram algorithm has changed, which means that besides searching for locations, hashtags, and profiles, general keyword search is now possible.

Here are tips and tricks that you should exploit in 2021 to boost Facebook and Instagram SEO.

1. Custom URL and Name

Facebook automatically generates and allots dynamic URLs to businesses that sign up. But by using a custom URL, you can make your brand look better, create a better impression on visitors, and thus gain a major Facebook SEO boost.

Also, while choosing a Facebook name, you need to be careful that you don’t sound too spammy. You also don’t want your name to be too generic. Take your time with choosing the right name since it can greatly influence visitor perception of your brand.

2. Keyword Optimization

You will have to naturally fit in high-value keywords in your Facebook and Instagram pages so that you can rank well on search results. But it should look natural since visitors nowadays are strongly averse to keyword stuffing.

You should try to naturally incorporate keywords into updates, notes, photo captions, headlines, description sections, and the About section.

Invest time into doing meticulous keyword research. You can use tools like SEMRush.

Long-tail keywords can help you to rank high in specialized niches that have less competition.

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial for Facebook and Instagram SEO. When your Facebook pages have more quality links from trustworthy sites, Google will be impressed and rank you higher in search results.

However, building backlinks is not easy. One way to create more backlinks is to leverage influencer marketing. If you can build a rapport with influencers, you may be able to convince them, later on, to promote your brand by including backlinks on their pages. Besides having more backlinks, influencer followers can be the source of increased traffic to your pages.

4. About Tab

Fine-tune and hone your About tab to perfection since just about any visitor will first want to find out more about you. If your About tab is not convincing, you will not be able to instill high confidence in your visitors, who will eventually drift off.

You have just 155 characters to create a positive impact. So spend some time on creating awesome copy that will impress newcomers.

5. Monitor KPIs

You will need to have facts and figures to find out how your Facebook and Instagram SEO plan is faring. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. So you must make a list of parameters that you should monitor to find out which way your SEO is moving.

Instagram Insights is a built-in analytics tool that can prove to be useful. You can follow key parameters like website clicks, followers, profile visits, reach, and impressions.

6. Image Optimization

Image optimization is essential to Facebook and Instagram SEO. In fact, Instagram is known for being a highly visual social platform. At the same time, Facebook also boasts a larger percentage of visual content and is not far behind Instagram on the visual front.

Make sure that your images are the absolute best quality to attract visitors and entice them to scroll through your pages.

Make sure that you use effective keywords in alt text for images.

On Instagram, you primarily search for content using location tags and hashtags. In addition, the Instagram algorithm analyzes your browsing habits and recommends content based on your interests. So you must ensure that your written content is keyword optimized. People interested in your niche’s content will have a better chance of seeing you in their recommendations.

7. Business Information

Make sure that your business information is visible and within easy reach. Also, make sure that it is updated. If people have trouble finding correct business information, then this could have a strong adverse effect on your conversion rate. So, maintain a complete and updated business information profile. Also, Google can index your site for local search if you make it easy for the search engine to find updated information.

Besides showing necessary contact information on the front page to promote your business, you can also include a map to show your locations.

Keeping all necessary business information right at the forefront can build confidence and foster trust in your brand.

8. Custom Tabs

While you should certainly use generic tabs available on Facebook, you may also want to create customized tabs for a better user experience. Just make sure that your Facebook page is not too overcrowded with excessive tabs that can make it confusing.

You can create tabs for podcasts, community, reviews, photos, and posts so that visitors can find the content that they seek easily. If there is any tab that you are not using, then remove it.

Both your Instagram and Facebook pages should be easy to navigate so that visitors can enjoy a better experience and navigate quickly to relevant content.

For example, if you have multiple storefronts, you can create a separate tab to show the same.

9. Content Quality

Content quality is always going to be central to Facebook and Instagram SEO. For your SEO strategy to take off, you need solid content. Google notes how long people stay on your pages to get an idea of how useful your content is for visitors. So if you have a high bounce rate, your SEO will take a big hit.

Post the most useful, relevant, and stunning content in all formats, including video, images, infographics, and ebooks.

Bottom Line

With the nine tips mentioned above, your social media pages can see higher traffic and better conversions. Try them now!