There are plenty of social media apps that you can leverage to build brand recognition in 2021. Social media apps represent the best way to influence followers and to gain quality brand exposure. The best brands are exploiting social media to boost brand loyalty and following.  

Here is how you can build brand recognition with the best social media apps in 2021.

1. Facebook

With well over 2 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social media app that you must target if you are serious about promoting your brand online. Facebook is by far the most effective way of reaching out to billions of users across the globe. Hence, it is a top-rated social media platform for businesses.

Thanks to the enormous user base, you can create a large following by engaging them with meaningful social media messages. For example, you can give followers a glimpse into what is going on behind the scenes at your company. You can publicize your latest promotions and bring attention to new product launches.

Facebook is a lucrative platform since almost one in five US adults has used it to make a purchase. Around 18% of users purchased on Facebook, which is higher than the 11% rate of Instagram and 3% rate of Pinterest – platforms with the second and third highest percentages. Hence, Facebook has a great potential for selling online.

2. Twitter

Twitter boasts over 350 million followers. The social media app provides the right tools for businesses of all stripes to easily engage their target audience. Twitter has all the tools you need to steadily stream bite-sized posts of information to millions of active users. As a result, most brands capitalize on this extremely viable social media platform for business.

Twitter restricts its posts to no more than 280 characters. This can work to your advantage since users may be more willing to read succinct messages.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is, without doubt, the best B2B social media app. You can take advantage of LinkedIn to build ties with millions of active professionals. Hence, you can easily come into contact with valuable B2B prospects who may be willing to buy from you. Business leaders, executives, senior managers, mid-level managers, and experienced professionals are some of the valuable leads that you can influence using this social media app.

Here at LinkedIn, you can also post articles to display your knowledge, disseminate useful information and build trust in your brand.  

4. YouTube

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users worldwide, making it the most widely visited video platform. It is also the second biggest search engine in the world after Google.

If you find that TV ads are expensive, then you can air YouTube ads to get similar benefits. Besides running ads, you could also post stellar captivating videos to enthuse, engage and influence billions of YouTube visitors.

The engagement statistics of YouTube are very compelling. Google, the parent company of YouTube, conducted a study on 2,000 viewers between the ages of 18 and 64 to find that 70% of them buy from a brand after watching it on the number video platform – YouTube. Hence, if you are serious about building brand recognition and gaining quality brand exposure, you must run ads and post great video content on YouTube.

YouTube also has excellent social media platform capabilities. Hence, you can engage followers in the comments section to boost conversions.

5. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has an immense user base and an equally immense potential for brand building, engagement, and recognition. It is, without doubt, the number one messaging app.  

WhatsApp has emerged as a major force in social media for disseminating news. The Digital News Report of Reuters found that WhatsApp is the preferred social media app for internet users.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 for a massive investment of $19 billion. Since that time, WhatsApp has grown from strength to strength, consolidating its social media market share. Unlike Facebook Messenger, it is ad-free. It also allows free calls and messaging.

Unsurprisingly, businesses are increasingly active on WhatsApp. In addition to their contact number, businesses also make available their WhatsApp number to customers interested in making queries. WhatsApp has emerged as a solid social media tool for customer service and support. Brands are using WhatsApp to showcase their new products. However, users have to leave the social media app to make their purchases.

WhatsApp Business is now an essential tool for building brand recognition. Facebook said that WhatsApp Business users will now be able to easily make Instagram and Facebook ads where viewers can click on the WhatsApp icon to initiate communication with the brand whose ads they were watching.

6. Instagram

What was once a photo-sharing app has now evolved into a major force in the world of social media. The highly visual platform is indispensable for companies seeking brand recognition and exposure. The best brands have an assortment of stunning and vivid imagery on Instagram to impress hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Instagram stands out due to its highly visual nature. As a result, the social media app is a must for brand building. You can flaunt your products on the leading social commerce app Instagram to gain a loyal following. Instagram supports spectacular vivid imagery that can create a lasting visual impact on followers. As a result, the social media app is a virtual shopping mall where brands can display striking video content as well. Instagram offers IGTV, Instagram Live, Reels, and Stories to help companies show their brand story and provide live feeds as well.

Bottom Line

These six social media apps for brand recognition can help you boost your market share, gain a large following of valuable leads and build brand image.