The affiliate marketing industry has seen a boom over the past couple of years because of COVID-19. Businesses that innovated and adapted to the changes attracted more customers to their products and services.

But there’s more to come, so if your business is deciding on hiring an affiliate marketing company for your marketing, now’s the time. Let’s discuss some affiliate marketing trends that are expected in to help you come up with a more informed decision.

1. Affiliate Marketing Budgets Will Increase

As more and more businesses are adopting affiliate marketing strategies since the pandemic, in 2022 affiliate marketing budgets will increase. Statistics show that affiliate marketing will reach around $8.2 billion in 2022 which is the biggest leap for the industry since 2015.

The reason behind this growth is the increased popularity of affiliate marketing programs and the commission payment model that was popularized because of the global pandemic.

2. Automation and AI Will Also Transform Affiliate Marketing

AI is said to change affiliate marketing as we know. This saves brands resources, energy, and time while also increasing sales. AI could be anything from a platform that helps businesses find an influencer or affiliate marketer online or assistance programs that increase your brand’s basket value. Nevertheless, AI is expected to change affiliate marketing as businesses knew and understood

3. Influx Of Nano and Micro-Influencers

Influencer marketing is also predicted to reach new heights in 2022 because of nano and micro-influencers who are dominating affiliate marketing. Businesses who are on a limited budget, particularly small businesses can seek help from nano or micro-influencers for maximizing ROI.

4. Loyalty Marketing Mix with Affiliate Marketing

Loyalty marketing can become a major part of affiliate marketing programs for encouraging customers to keep coming back to the same brand again and again. There are also certain incentives including charity donations, cashback and loyalty points to enable marketers to form a close relationship with customers. Through this mix, affiliate marketers will be able to reward a business with more customers because they’ll be directly buying from a brand’s website.


Trend lines showing growth.

Looking at these trends, it’s safe to assume that affiliate marketing is here to stay and things will only get even better in 2022.

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