Every small business needs sales to move out of the startup phase and become a success. However, achieving that can be a daunting task. Luckily, affiliate marketing has made that easier for small businesses and startups. Affiliate programs account for at least 15 to 30% of sales and can help boost your small businesses.

Don’t believe us? Here are some ways affiliate marketing can help increase your small business sales.

Utilize User-Generated Content to Expand Your Reach

Affiliate marketing offers numerous benefits, and one is expanded reach. Affiliate marketing allows businesses to expand their reach significantly.

One of the most convenient and effective ways to benefit from affiliate marketing as a small business is by encouraging and utilizing user-generated content. User-generated content advertises or promotes your brand but is created by individuals outside your team, mainly your audience.

The best platform to showcase user-generated content for your small business would undoubtedly be social media. Research suggests that nearly 75% of consumers depend on social media for services or product inspiration. Utilize this since your customers are likely to trust your brand when your affiliates promote it.

Leverage Affiliate Marketing As Instant Social Proof

Having affiliates onboard serves as social proof for your customers. It’s no secret that for businesses and sales, social proof is everything. If you need to hit those sales numbers for your small business, you need people from the outside to back you up and advocate for you. About 91% of people trust reviews and personal recommendations before trying out products or services, and affiliates can help you with that.

They can give positive reviews about your brand and affiliate program to help you flourish. Start by interviewing your top affiliates and adding to your website as a testimonial. By doing so, you’ll attract more affiliates that can help increase sales and expand your audience.

Reward Your Top Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is quite beneficial for your small business. However, most affiliate marketers usually look for top-paying affiliate programs to partner up with. Most brands offer their affiliates a certain percentage for each sale they achieve. Common ground is 10% and can be a good start for attracting affiliates without giving too much. The point is affiliates are valuable for your small business and will bring in sales, but you need to keep rewarding them. You need to give them something worth sticking around for.

This is where affiliate loyalty comes in. It can be valuable in the long run and help your small business thrive! All you need to do is increase their commission rates if they keep generating sales for your business.

If you’re looking to support your small businesses through professional affiliate marketing & advertising services, we can help. Our experienced team can help boost your business’ visibility and convert incoming leads into profitable sales through our affiliate marketing management services.

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